The self-proclaimed 'Caliph' of ISIS has now called on Muslims around the world to conquer Rome and own the world.
The Sunni militant group ran over several regions of Iraq and Syria, declaring an Islamic Caliphate in the occupied region.Reuters

The Belgium police have arrested a man and a woman from Hague with suspected jihadist network in Schilderswijk. 

The couple was arrested at the Zaventem Airport in Belgium and it was found that the duo is originally from Turkey and reportedly have spent time in jihadist activity in Syria, before returning to Europe.

The arrest of the Turkish couple was followed by a series of four raids in homes located on the Twickel Street in Moerwijk and Fannius Scholtenstraat in the Station Area, reported Dutch Daily - The Telegraaf.

The Dutch and Belgian investigators have been tracking the couple as part of a joint operation to track down jihadist activities in Europe.

The investigators have found several incriminating documents during the searches. It is also alleged that the couple have been traveling widely between Hague and Brussels.

The Belgian prosecutors have charged the two for illegal weapons possession "in a terrorist context," and financing terrorism. The suspects appeared before an investigative judge in Dendermonde, Belgium, on Thursday and still remain in custody.

There has been widespread concern in Europe, over citizens returning to their respective countries after fighting for terrorist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

According to Slate, hundreds of Europeans that are part of jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq have already returned and now pose a security risk as they can easily carry out terror activities in the region. 

The Islamic jihadist presence was felt strongly during the two days of Gaza protests last month in Hague, during which several Pro ISIS supporters were seen campaigning for Palestine.

According to Gatestone Institute report, following the demonstration, the city of Hague has now been dubbed as "Jihad City" by Islamists.

In the protests, the demonstrators,who were seen waving Black ISIS flags, also demanded the immediate release of men accused of recruiting young Muslims for jihad in Syria and Iraq, the report noted.