New photos posted by a Twitter account believed to be operated by an Indian who joined Isis seemed to be loaded with threats for India, as they purportedly show 'a boatful of Indians' among Isis fighters and give a call for more recruits to join the Islamic State. 

The Isis-affiliate Twitter account, believed to be operated by Fahad Shaikh, a Mumbai youth who travelled to Syria to join Isis,  also named one of the Isis fighters as Indian Mujahideen commander Muhammad Sajid, who had joined the Islamic State and changed his name to Abu Turab al Hindi. He was believed to have been killed in Syria. 

The Twitter account also gave a call for recruits to join Isis and 'conquer whole of India'. 

"May this boat does't stop until it conquer whole of India from Mushrikeen.And we invite you to keep filling it," the post on the Twitter account says. 

The operator of the account, which is likely to be the Indian Isis fighter, posted a series of tweets on Monday, in one of which he identified a 'mujahid from India' named Abu qaqa al Hindi. 

The twitter account named 'Magnet gas' had been identified as being run by Shaikh in a chargesheet by the National Investigation Agency, in which it had also detailed how Isis recruit Areeb Majeed, had been influenced to join Isis. 

Shaikh, along with Majeed, a Kalyan youth, and two others, had travelled to Iraq last year to join the Islamic State. Majeed, however, returned to the country within a few months. 

While Shaikh's original twitter account had been suspended, he is believed to have created several such accounts with variations of the name to share Isis propaganda. 

The new tweets come at a time when intelligence authorities have already issued warning across all states of a possible Isis attack.