Ebola outbreak outside Africa has created much fear among people worldwide.
The unnamed 31=year-old is currently being treated in isolation, in a hospital in Mumbai. [Representational Image]Reuters

Reports, claiming that a Hong Kong resident has been tested positive for Ebola virus, created a fear frency on social media networks, with thousands following the development.

Multiple reports claimed that the doctors are treating the first possible case of the Ebola virus in Hong Kong, after a woman fell ill.

The Mirror reported that the 39-year-old has been quarantined and is being treated for 'Ebola-like' symptoms at the Queen Elizabeth's Hospital in Hong Kong, after recently returning from a trip to Africa.

However, the woman has now been given the all-clear, after she testied negative for Ebola, much to the relief of people the world over. The Hong Kong authorities also stated that there has been no Ebola cases in the country till now.

Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man stated that so far the health department has not received any reports of suspected Ebola case, reported China Daily Asia.

Reports had stated that the woman was returning from a two-week stay in eastern Kenya and exhibited symptoms of the virus.

However, Ko pointed out that there is no direct flight to Hong Kong from West Africa, though he did not rule out the possibility of an outbreak in the country. He said that it is possible for virus carriers to come to Hong Kong through transit flights.

The deadly virus has killed more than 670 people in West Africa.

Ebola outbreak outside Africa

Meanwhile, there is much concern the world over, especially among medical practioners, that Ebola victim Patrick Sawyer may have sparked a worldwide spread of the killer disease, after being allowed on two international flights.

Minnesota resident Sawyer, 40, died in Lagos, Nigeria on Friday, after reportedly contracting the disease in Liberia, where his sister died of the disease. Despite showing symptoms of the infection, he was allowed to take the flight to Ghana, and from where he went to Togo, and then to Lagos.

Health officials and airlines operaters are now racing against time to locate travellers, who have taken the same flight as Sawyer. The fear is that the virus could easily spread to anyone who was seated near him, or used the same toilet.

According to CBC, witnesses said Sawyer "was vomiting and had diarrhea aboard at least one of his flights."

Sawyer has a wife and three children and wife living in US. Both the US and the UK have alerted doctors to be on the lookout for any possible signs of Ebola among their patients. 

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