Actor Siddharth
Actor Siddharth

Actor Siddharth was one of the few Tamil actors who took came forward and supported Tamil film director Leena Manimekalai, when she levelled charges of sexual harassment against Susi Ganeshan.

A day later, the actor has now alleged that Susi Ganeshan has been threatening him and his family of dire consequences if he continues to stand by Leena in the sexual harassment controversy.

In a recent tweet, Siddharth revealed how Susi Ganeshan called his father over the phone and threatened him of dire consequences.

"Susi Ganesan spoke to my aged father on the phone and threatened us with dire consequences if I continue to stand by Leena. So I just want everyone to know that now more than ever... I Stand With #LeenaManimekalai. Stay strong and fight the good fight sister!," tweeted Sidharth.

In 2017, Leena Manimekalai had alleged that a director tried to molest her on the pretext of dropping her home. Even though she made an open admission of being sexually assaulted, Leena did not reveal the name of the director until the ongoing Me Too movement struck the entire nation.

Soon after the allegations, Susi Ganeshan lashed out at Leena calling her an immoral person who abuses men for her own benefits. According to reports, Ganeshan is going to file a case against Leena Manimekalai.

In a recent talk with The News Minute, Leena Manimekalai revealed that her family is concerned about her safety. She added that she will continue her unflinching stand against Ganeshan, and hoped that her revelations will encourage more women who had bitter experiences with Ganeshan.

"Currently Susi Ganeshan is adopting slander to keep me quiet. He thinks if he questions my character, I will back down. But I won't because I am talking the truth. He is also afraid that if my voice is heard, more women will come out with allegations against him," Leena added.