Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj
Swaraj immediately responded to Takru's plea and asked the Indian Embassy to get in touch with Takru and her son so that the visa could be issued.REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

07: 28 pm: Swaraj ends her speech after calling for reform of the U.N. Security Council and stressed that the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT) proposed by India in 1996 be taken up fresh resolve and adopt it.

07: 27 pm: Swaraj said that those who seed extremist ideologies will reap bitter harvest, and the germ of evil has turned into monster.

07: 26 pm: Kashmir is an integral part of India and Pakistan must stop dreaming about it: Swaraj

07: 25 pm: Swaraj said that India have extended hands of friendship to Pakistan but got Pathankot, Bahadur Ali, and Uri in return.

07: 24 pm: The External Affairs Minister rubbished the pre-conditions placed by Pakistan PM for talks, saying that India didn't impose any pre-condition before taking up any initiative, including extending an invitation for the oath-taking ceremony of the Government.

07:23 pm: Swaraj said that Prime Minister of Pakistan had talked about human rights violations in India but the kind of abuses going on in Pakistan, including Balochistan are worst form of State oppression.

07: 22 pm: Swaraj said that there are nations that nurture terrorism, give them shelter and export. She said that countries that support terrorism should be identified and isolated.

07: 21 pm: Terrorism is a crime against humanity itself. It is important to ask who is behind this and who benefits from it: Swaraj

07: 17 pm: She mentioned about climate change, describing it as a "serious challenge confronting us." She also expressed gratitude for the unprecedented global response to the International Day of Yoga.

07: 16 pm: Swaraj said that global success in realising SDGs depends on the success achieved in India as one sixth of humanity lives in India.

07: 12 pm: "The true challenge of our time is to end the curse of harsh poverty that still lurks in so many corners of our world; to ensure that the fruits of growing prosperity reach those who need it most; to take forward the mission of gender equality and protect women where there is gender regression; and to ensure peace across boundaries, not least because there can be no prosperity without peace," says Swaraj.

07: 08 pm: Sushma Swaraj begins her speech

India's External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is addressing the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Monday and and she is expected to give a befitting response to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's speech last week that stressed on Kashmir issue.

Swaraj reached New York with India's delegation for the UNGA on Saturday. She is scheduled to speak after 7:20 pm (IST) on Monday.

Her speech is expected to stress on isolating Pakistan globally and Kashmir issue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had on Saturday said that India would intensify its efforts to isolate Pakistan globally for exporting terror. He said that India will not forget the Uri terror attack and won't let the attackers unpunished.

Relations between India and Pakistan have taken a beating after the Uri terror attack on Sept. 18 that killed 18 soldiers and injured 12 others.