It's been more than 2 months since the untimely demise of the talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput and yet the mystery behind his death is deepening. The majority of people are claiming that it was not a suicide and the Shudh Desi Romance fame has been murdered, calling his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, the key suspect. From a murderer, gold digger, to a witch, a lot of name-callings has been done.

It has been said that the Jalebi fame was taking monetary benefits off the late actor and abetted him towards suicide. While a lot of things have come forward during the investigation by the officials such as Whatsapp chats, Bank account statements and more, one particular date that was, again and again, grabbing the limelight was 'June 8', almost a week before the demise of the actor. So what is so special about this date?

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What happened on June 8?

Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh Rajput were in a live-in relationship. The lovebirds were allegedly having the time of their lives and were involved in many businesses together. The actress has also claimed that she used to look after Sushant and his mental condition so that he feels secure and get well soon. But on June 8, almost a week before Sushant's demise, Rhea allegedly broke up with him and moved out of the house.

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Rhea broke up with Sushant and moved out with his stuff?

It has been reported and alleged by the people who were close to Sushant that on June 8, Rhea and Sushant had a big fight, following to which, Rhea moved out taking Sushant's stuff, his laptop, cash and jewellery. An FIR of theft has been filed and a close family friend Nilotpal Mrinal has reportedly said that.

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"She (Rhea) took everything, laptop, jewellery and cash. She took everything that was kept at home, and she blocked the number, he was trying to call her after Disha Salian's death. She took everything from home... without knowledge, how can you take someone's laptop, how you threatened. It's mentioned in the FIR, she also took all the medical papers."

Keeping num for almost 2 months, Rhea has finally spoken and revealed her version of the truth. While talking in an exclusive interview with India Today, she made some in-depth revelations about her relationship with Sushant. From talking about how they met and fell in love with what really happened on June 8, she gave detailed information about everything.

Sushant asked me to leave the house on June 8: Rhea Chakraborty

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Rhea has been on a constant radar by the media people and has been facing heat from the fans and industry people ever since Sushant died. While a lot has been said about her, her family and her character, Rhea has finally come forward and explained the reason for their her split with Sushant and leaving the house. Calling the allegations of abandoning Sushant and leaving the house 'Baseless', she revealed that Sushant himself asked him to leave the house on June 8 as his sister, Meetu, who resided in Mumbai was visiting him.

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She said that she had a session for her own therapist on June 8 and requested Sushant to leave after that but he was persistent, asked her to leave immediately. Though Rhea was heartbroken she claimed that 'she thought she can be in a long-distance relationship.'

Rhea said that she told Sushant that she'll go, only after Sushant's sister Meetu comes but the actor was constantly forcing her to leave. Then what about the message she sent to Mahesh Bhatt about 'being free'?

Did Mahesh Bhatt ask Rhea to break up with Sushant?

Rhea Chakraborty trolled for pictures with Mahesh Bhatt
Rhea Chakraborty trolled for pictures with Mahesh BhattRhea Chakraborty Instagram

It has been claimed that in the chats that have been surfacing on the internet, shared between the Jalebi director and the actor, Rhea is talking about her breakup with Sushant and how she felt 'free' after leaving the house on June 8. Throwing the light on the same, Rhea said that the conversation has been twisted. Mahesh and Rhea never really talked behind Sushant's back and even the late actor had a great repo with the Sadak 2 director. Rhea claimed that she sees Mahesh Bhatt as her own father and is treated like a child.

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What happened between June 8 to June 14? : Rhea Chakraborty

Not only Rhea revealed her version of the incidents but also raised the question that what happened between June 8 to June 14 is the real mystery. "Even I want to know. Between [June] 8 to 14, I had no communication with him. I was not there. His sister Meetu was there. I want to know from her what happened between June 8 to 14, if it was a suicide or something else," said Rhea.