Sushant Singh Rajput has been roped in for the lead role in Mohit Suri's next directorial venture "Half Girlfriend".

An adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's book by the same name, the movie "Half Girlfriend" will be co-produced by the author himself.

While several actors' names were being associated with the project, Sushant Singh Rajput grabbed the lead role of "Madhav Jha" in "Half Girlfriend", apparently due to his impressive preparation.

"When I was reading the book, I realised that Madhav's character has a unique mix of naivety and ruggedness that is so intriguing and extremely crucial to the story. However, the challenge was to put a face to this endearing Madhav Jha, which I could never do until I met Sushant. I was blown away with his sheer dedication to embody the character. I was shocked at first, but impressed at how hard he had worked on perfecting certain nuances. I knew right then, that I had found my 'Madhav Jha,'" Times of India quoted director Mohit Suri as saying.

The report also stated that Sushant met Mohit Suri at the latter's house and spoke to him in a Bihari accent, as the character in the film is that of a Bihari boy. The actor had read the book and readied himself with much practice, the report added.

While Sushant is confirmed to play the lead role in "Half Girlfriend", there has not been any confirmation regarding the film's lead actress.

Earlier, there were reports that the director was considering either Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif for the role. However, there is no confirmed report on the complete cast of "Half Girlfriend".