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The protests happening at Jamia Millia Islamia and the riots that is saddening to witness. Very few celebs came out and expressed their grief over this sensitive issue. One actor who actually bared the brunt was the host of Savdhaan India as he voiced his opinion against the violence of the students at Jamia Millia Islamia.

Right after Sushant stood up against the violence, he was terminated for the show without prior intimation. He was just informed on WhatsApp that his stint has ended with the show. Expressing his sadness on Tuesday morning, actor Sushant Singh tweeted that his long stint with STAR Bharat's Savdhaan India has come to an end.

His tweet read, "And, my stint with Savdhaan India has ended," Sushant wrote. "A very small price my friend," he further tweeted when a follower asked him whether it was "the price" he paid for speaking out.

Sushant spoke at length with media about the sudden exit and said, "I got to know about this last night itself. The person who heads the team, texted me, saying, 'your last shooting day is on this certain date.' I really felt bad. I consider Savdhaan India as my own show. I'm emotionally very attached to that show but then it's the channel's decision. I hope they would have informed me with a prior notice, but this is a very small price I have paid, the issue out there is much more grave. Work and come and go."

He further went on to say, I'm answerable to all the youngsters, the future generation, and I have to raise my voice otherwise what's the point of making people alert through a show?"

Sushant Singh will be seen making his web debut with Rangbaaz Phir Se.