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"Survivor: Worlds Apart" is becoming more interesting by the day and Tribe "Merica" is struggling to form a core group of Team Mike or Team Joe.

With the elimination of Hali in episode 8, Team Joe is in serious trouble. The odds are definitely against them and unless Joe can keep up with his winning streak in every single immunity challenge, he will be the first one sent home in episode 9 titled "Livin' On the Edge".

In episode 8, titled "Keep It Real", the former Blue Collars made it clear that their plan was to pluck out ever one pledging allegiance to Joe one by one. With Joe winning all the challenges, be it immunity or reward, Team Mike are not getting an opportunity to vote him out.

As of episode 8, Shirin and Jenn are with Joe and so was Hali - who got voted out in the tribal council. However, if they are to somehow convince Mama 'C' Carolyn and her secret alliance Tyler to join Team Joe, the game could still be in their hands.

To make matters worse for Joe, Jenn is seen in the promo for episode 9 titled "Livin' On the Edge" saying she wants to call it quits. At this crucial moment in "Survivor: Worlds Apart", Jenn's quitting could end badly for Joe.

The immunity idol that everyone thinks is with Joe, is actually with Mike. So, if Mike refuses to let his allies in on this information, the Blue collar alliance could still lose in the long run. The rest of the team would vote against Jenn instead of Joe as they assume that Joe would use the idol and their votes would backfire; keeping Joe safe in yet another vote-out.

However, if Joe continues with his winning streak, the Blue team alliance would fear against voting Jenn, for fear that Joe would use it to protect his friend. Nevertheless, Mike has proved to be a worthy player so far, and is wise enough to play the immunity idol in his favour.

Although in terms of performance, Joe is undoubtedly the biggest threat; most people want Dan and Rodney out because they talk unnecessarily and annoy everyone. Watch Season 30 episode 9 of "Survivor: Worlds Apart" on Wednesday, 15 April, to see who is sent home first: Dan or Joe?