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The thirtieth season of competitive reality show "Survivor: Worlds Apart" will be airing the episode 11 "Survivor Russian Roulette" on Wednesday, 29 April. All the participants hope to win the million dollars, but it is only a matter of who wants it most.

With the elimination of Jen in episode 10, "Bring the Popcorn", the only original no collar left in the game is Will. He has formed an alliance with Rodney of Blue Collar, Tyler and Carolyn of White Collar - who Mike has called the core four at this point. The two blue collars other than Mike and Rodney, Sierra and Dan, are mere pawns for the core four to get to the end of the game, predicts Mike.

From the whispered talks between the core four, it looks like Mike is right. In fact Tyler even went through Dan's bag to see what advantage did he win at the auction. According to the promo for the next episode, he finds out that Dan has an extra vote for any upcoming vote-out. It is not known as to what he and Mama C want to do with that information.

Mama C has an advantage, the immunity idol, that only Tyler knows about, so does Mike. This means that both of them are safe at least from one more tribal council if they play their cards right.

Meanwhile, Will has earned a bad reputation by personally attacking Shirin for not having anyone back home that doesn't love her; if not in Merica, at least among viewers of "Survivor". During the tribal council, Shirin emotionally revealed that the reason she doesn't have a family is because she comes from a family which verbally and physically abused her.

Will failed to show any regret for his actions and seems adamant that he had a right to say those things to her because she spread the rumour that he was hiding food from the rest of the tribe members.

Regardless, the competition has gotten more intense than it has ever been and strong contenders are being plucked out one by one. To see who will be sent home, watch out for Season 30 episode 11 of "Survivor: Worlds Apart", titled "Survivor Russian Roulette", on Wednesday, 29 April, at 8.00 pm (EST).

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