Lindsey in 'Survivor'
Lindsey in 'Survivor'twitter/Survivor

"Survivor" is a reality show and a social experiment, which is on its 30th season, titled "Worlds Apart" as of 2015. CBS airs episode 6 of season 30, titled "Odd Woman Out" on Wednesday, 25 March at 8.00 pm (EST).

After the unexpected elimination of former white collar member Max Dawson, Red Collar tribe Nagarote has a majority of women, with just one male, Will, remaining. However the "odd woman" of the formerly No Collar Tribe is definitely Shirin Oskooi. While it looks like she will be the first sent packing if the Nagarote goes to Tribal Council the next time, Escameca's alliances are still pretty unclear.

In the double-episode special of 18 March, Lindsey from Blue Collar was sent home, after the Escameca tribe failed to win immunity. Although it basically came down to her and Rodney, who is hot-headed and consistently makes derogatory remarks against women, Lindsey was finally sent home.

Meanwhile Kelly, who went on with the reward challenge even with a pretty deep injury, had won the respect of her team members and even had a strong alliance with the men in Blue Collar -- Mike, Rodney and Dan. However, that alliance did not do her any good, when she became the only member of her tribe to the Nagarote, amid three white collars and three no collars.

With no friends, she had high possibility of being the odd one out in her new tribe, but the irritating behaviour of Max – with embarrassingly too much knowledge about "Survivor", and Shirin, who would talk incessantly – made her a welcome addition.

In "We're Finally Playing Some Survivor", Max, who said this very exact phrase when he believed that he, along with Shirin is blindsiding Will, became the first one to be sent home after the formation of the two reformed tribes. Now the natural target is Shririn, but if the elimination of Vince in the first episode of season 30 has taught us anything, it is that anything can happen at the tribal council.

Meanwhile, Sierra, who had lost her only alliance in Escameca and was glad to join a new team, was stuck with all the three men who plotted against her. However, with the addition of Joaquin and Tyler from White Collar and Joe from No Collar, Sierra could very well form new alliance before the next Tribal Council.

Being the only woman in the team, is it possible that Sierra is the "Odd Woman Out" in the Blue Collar? From the "bromance" between Rodney and Joaquin shown in the promo for episode 6, it could very well be ascertained that new alliances are forming.