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"Survivor: Worlds Apart" will air episode 10 on 22 April, Wednesday. The episode titled "Bring the Popcorn" is predicted as the one that breaks up the Blue Collar alliance that has remained intact, even while enduring a giant crack of dislike and mistrust.

In episode 9 "Livin' On the Edge", Merica tribe members send Joe packing. As soon as Joe lost his first individual challenge, his tribe-mates send him home.

Although the jewellery maker tried to save himself by making a replica of the immunity idol, the blue alliance cut him loose from the game. However, the cracks within the blue collar alliance will soon surface, especially after Mike and Rodney start butting heads.

Rodney clearly thinks he is better than all others and that he can outsmart the rest of Merica in a heartbeat. Now that Joe is gone, Rodney's first strategy may be, to send Mike home. However, unbeknownst to everyone else, Mike has an immunity idol.

Mike is the only one with an immunity idol other than Carolyn. Although Carolyn and Tyler are quite sneaky about their alliance, the blue collars are suspicious about it. Much like they sent home Lindsey because of her close alliance with Sierra, blue collars might try eliminating one of them. 

Meanwhile, Shirin, who has not had the best luck in getting people to like her, is facing more heat, as Will starts attacking her. He is seen saying, "All you been doing is running your damn mouth... Nobody even likes you".

With just nine people left in the game, will the blue collar alliance finally shatter? Find out in the next episode of "Survivor- Worlds Apart" season 30 episode 10 "Bring the Popcorn" on Wednesday, 22 April at 8.00 pm (EST).

Who do you want to see get voted out in the next episode of "Survivor: Worlds Apart"?
Jenn Brown (Originally Nagarote)
Will Sims II (Originally Nagarote)
Tyler Fredrickson (Originally Masaya)
Shirin Oskooi (Originally Masaya)
Carolyn Rivera (Originally Masaya)
Dan Foley (Originally Escameca)
Mike Holloway (Originally Escameca)
Rodney Lavoie Jr. (Originally Escameca)
Sierra Dawn Thomas (Originally Escameca)

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