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CBS will air a double episode special of "Survivor: Worlds Apart" on 18 March, Wednesday. Season 30 episode 4 "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner" and episode 5 "We're Finally Playing Some Survivor", will both be aired together, which will result in the consolidation of White Collars, Blue Collars and No Collars into two tribes. Sneak Peak also suggests that a female survivor may be critically injured. 

Camp Life

In episode 3 "Crazy is as Crazy Does", No Collar Tribe's coconut vendor Vince was voted out, leading to a rising paranoia in Nina, that she would definitely be the next to go. However, her teammates, who had the plans in motion, told her that she should not quit just yet.

In fact, Joe, the most popular member and the indisputable alpha dog (now that Vince is gone) of No Collar Tribe even went out of his way to make her feel wanted. What Nina is to No Collar Tribe, Mike is to Blur Collar and Shirin is to White Collar Tribes.

In the White Collar Tribe, unbeknownst to her team members, Carolyn has the immunity idol. Regardless, it doesn't seem like she would have to use the idol at least in the next tribal council, because Shirin is clearly the one teammate no one can stand.

She annoyed everyone by describing a monkey sex she witnessed and constantly annoyed them by trying to initiate pointless conversations.

At the Blue tribe, Mikes's observation that no other team member was as committed to doing work around the camp. Mike and Rodeny gets into a fight, while other members also pointed out that everyone does work equally, even if they don't do it in Mike's time.

Dan also got into the bad books with Rodney, when he took a joke too far and insulted Rodney's mother. He told Dan, "You're so lucky you're on 'Survivor'".


Each tribe was required to carry a large bucket with multiple holes to a water tower and fill the bucket kept on a balance. Each team has to repeat the task, until their tribe's flag rises owing to the weight of the bucket. Blue Collar won the challenge and took to their camp, a tarp, pillows and chairs; meanwhile White Collar Tribe that came in second got a tarp and escaped the tribal council.

Losing the challenge meant that No Collar Tribe would have to return to the tribal council and send another member home. With the completion of the challenge, Nina was certain that her time at the island was up. However, she did pitch to be saved and tried to put Will, who consistently under-performs in challenges, in the spotlight.

Although Nina was unable to perform because her teammates, especially Joe thought she was incompetent, they still found her to be a dead weight they did not want to carry any more. However, Henn and Hali did discuss voting Will out, because he was not to be trusted, especially since his was the vote that sent Vince home.

Tribal Council

In a discussion just before the vote-out, Hali explained to Nina that no one is trying to avoid her and that she needs to be more open to trying new things if she wants to be part of the No Collar Team. Although Nina agreed to give it a go, she was voted out before she could keep her word.

With the last vote out, Blue Collar is the only tribe which is intact, while No Collar tribe has had most losses.

Double Episode Special [SPOILER ALERT]

According to the synopsis for the upcoming back-to-back episodes, the dreaded Tribe Swap would occur this week, and the three tribes in the show will most likely be consolidated into two. The synopsis warns that all alliances will be shaken up, meaning the good rapport between Joe, Hali and Jenn in No Collar, Dan and Mike in Blue Collar and Joaquin and Tyler in White Collar will mean nothing in the next tribal council.

A sneak peak of the next episode also suggests an injury that seems to take place during a challenge. Sierra of Blue Collar is seen shouting, "She's bleeding!" as the host Jeffrey Probst calls for first aid.

Watch out for the season 30 episodes 4 and 5 of "Survivor Season 30: Worlds Apart" at 8pm (EST) on Wednesday, 18 March.