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With episode 11 "Survivor Russian Roulette" of "Survivor: Worlds Apart", the number of participants in the reality show has come down to seven from 18. The last tribal council not only resulted in Shirin's elimination, but also shattered Dan's trust in the "core four".

In a brilliant move, Mike showed his immunity idol to the Merica tribe and warned them that either they collectively vote out Tyler or risk getting sent home. In the vote out that ensued, Dan's name was written twice, although Shirin was voted out.

Tyler, Carolyn, Rodney and Will have been planning to string former blue collars Dan and Sierra until the top 6 is formed, and then cut them loose in the subsequent episodes. Since Mike heard that he is a strong target of the "core four", he won both the immunity challenges. Moreover, he also has the immunity idol. Rest assured, he will not go home in "Holding on to Dear Life".

Carolyn will also remain safe in the game because she too has an immunity idol that only Tyler knows about. She and fellow white collar Tyler also seem to be the puppeteers of the rest of the "Survivor" game. While Will is a content dead weight for their team, Rodney blindly and wrongly believes that he is the orchestrator of what is happening.

Although Mike tried to warn Dan and Sierra that they were been played by the "core four" and that the blue collars should stick with each other, they have refused to see it so far. However, according to the promo for the next episode, Dan finally sees the truth in Mike's words.

Does this also mean he will use the advantage of two votes in the next tribal council to send one of the "core four" members home? Find out in "Survivor: Worlds Apart" episode 12, to be aired on 6 May, Wednesday, at 8.00 pm (EST).