G-Dragon is perhaps best known for being blaze, but his fans are still taking in the frankness that is often exhibited by the K-pop star.

During a recent live broadcast with his fans, G-Dragon said that his attention to detail while writing songs and composing lyrics has taken over his attention span. And he admits that he is left with little or no time for anything else.

The cause for G-Dragon's stress? The TV show, "Show Me the Money 4". The singer revealed to his fans that songs and the lyrics that accompany a song have become controversial on the TV show. Following this, the singer is striving to stay away from trouble.

"I've written rap lyrics for a long time, but these days, I keep going over them again. Because rap lyrics have become a topic of controversy on a certain show, I look over each line again and again," Soompi quoted G-Dragon as saying.

His fellow band member Seungri also said, "It is 'Show Me the Money 4.' I used the same car with Ji Yong when we are overseas, and I saw him thinking about the lyrics a lot, when he used to not worry about them."

The report further added that members of "BIGBANG" had a live broadcast with their fans through Naver V App and released two songs for "E" as part of their "MADE" Series.

Allkpop reported that G-Dragon also apologised for his tardiness during the MV Filming, and said, "It wasn't my fault that I was tardy. But I did arrive really late. I felt extremely sorry. But I'm grateful that the filming progressed smoothly."

Meanwhile, band member T.O.P has posted several pictures of pigs' rear-end on Instagram and finally cleared the air about the cryptic message contained in those images.

He said, "It's the first time our MV included pigs. That's right. It was a spoiler."

While T.O.P is playful with fans of "BIGBANG", G-Dragon confessed that he is very busy concentrating on lyrics to be posting pictures of pigs on Instagram, according to allkpop.