The Winchester boys striking a pose

The Winchester brothers — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) — are back hunting evil souls in Season 14. Well, almost. The previous season ended with Archangel Michael taking over Dean's body, while Sam was left cleaning the apocalypse mess.

The cast and crew of the show were visibly thrilled about bringing a sneak peak of their 14th season to the viewers as they divulged details from the storyline at the San Diego Comic Con (2018). They discussed at length about their much-awaited 300th episode while Padalecki joked he would love to have the cast wear togas and suggested that the episode be titled 300.

On a serious note, co-showrunner Andrew Dabb added that they are looking at making an episode that show's an outsider perspective of the Winchester boys.

"So it becomes: How do these people view Sam and Dean — with Sam and Dean's story in there, too. We think it could be a real love letter to the show, in what we hope is going to be a very heartwarming way — with murder. Heartwarming with murder," Dabb was quoted as saying. 

What's more, the season has been slashed by a couple of episodes. The idea was to give the show's lead cast a few more days with their families. Elaborating on it, Ackles said lesser episodes would mean the actors get an extra month off from work.

"We both have families, it's more about how we can make our work-life balance a little better. And shaving a couple of episodes off gives us almost an extra month out of our year, which when you only get about a two-and-half-month hiatus, it goes by really quickly," TVLine quoted the actor as saying.

Also in discussion was what Sam would do with Dean gone considering they were always there for each other. Highlighting the fact that Dean may not be back anytime soon, Padalecki revealed that his character (Sam) will be seen picking cues from Dean's process of eliminating evil and pass it on to the world hunter.

The wayward sisters are going to be back and Cas (Misha Collins) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) will be spending more time together, now that they are reunited.

Prep yourself for an interesting season of Supernatural as the horror-drama is set to air on The CW starting October 18, 2018.