Sam and Dean in front of the Impala
Sam and Dean in front of the ImpalaFacebook/Supernatural

"Supernatural" Season 11 came to a cosmic end with episode 23 titled "Alpha and Omega." The issue with God (Rob Benedict) and his sister Amara (Emily Swallow) has been solved and the world was saved from apocalypse.

Amara is grateful that God has finally seen her side of the story, and she accepted for the first time that the world he created is beautiful. She is also thankful to Dean (Jensen Ackles) for bringing peace between the two of them.

As a thank you, Amara decides to grant him the one thing he wishes for. She takes Dean to his mother, Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), whose death had turned the Winchester brothers and their father into hunters.

It is not known whether Mary has been brought back to life or if Dean has been transported back to the past or to heaven. Whichever it is, Dean would surely be ecstatic to be back with his mother.

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However, if he is in heaven or in the past, Dean would want to get back to his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki). They always find a way back to each other, whether they are in hell, heaven or purgatory. Just because he is happy, Dean would not stop from finding his way back to his brother.

Meanwhile, Sam thinks Dean is dead, but now faces a new threat in the form of the Men of Letter stationed in London. In the finale episode of "Supernatural" Season 11 Sam was confronted by Lady Antonia (Elizabeth Blackmore), who told him that their reckless behaviour would have to be ended.

It looks like the Winchesters will be visiting the United Kingdom and hunting monsters across the pond in the coming season. It is expected to premiere later this year and from the previous seasons, it looks like Season 12 episode 1 will be aired on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016.