Previously aired "Hell's Angel" had taken all the "Supernatural" fans to the edge of their seats, with the Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino)/ Amara (Emily Swallow) storyline. However, in true "Supernatural" fashion, the upcoming Season 11 episode 19 will get back to the weekly monster pattern ahead of the big reveal.

Unfortunately, "Supernatural" is on a short break, and fans will learn about the truth behind the Chuck-(Rob Benedict) is-God theory only when the show returns Wednesday, April 27. The first episode after the break will see the Winchester brothers hunting for a new kind of monsters called "The Chitters."

However, most fans believe that this is only the filler episode before God reveals himself to Amara in episode 20. As fans know, Amara decided that the best way to get her brother's attention would be to torture an archangel, namely Lucifer who is now in Castiel's (Misha Collins) body. It is to be understood that Amara is still on the task at hand, while Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go on their chitter hunt.

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It also looks like the brothers have come to an understanding about saving Castiel, as they concentrate on other things. Meanwhile, it is now nearly confirmed that Chuck, who appeared as a hand of God in Season 4, is in fact, actually God.

Theories are also floating about that say Chuck and Amara are two sides of the same coin, not unlike Yin and Yang. While Chuck aka God is the corrupted creator who now takes joy in watching the chaos of the world unfold, Amara aka Darkness wants justice for what her brother did to her. However, most fans do not think it is possible, especially because as convoluted as "Supernatural" is, the writers would not write such a twisted plot.

Moreover, in a panel, Benedict accidentally revealed that he is God. A little girl asked the actor, who was a member of the "Supernatural" panel, how it felt to play God. "Awesome, to be all-knowing.. I didn't know that I was God until..." he had replied.