"Supernatural" is back from its midseason break with the episode "The Hunter Games," which will see Sam, Dean and Castiel increasing their efforts to find a cure for Dean's Mark of Cain.

The first half of season 10 saw Castiel reuniting with his vessel's daughter, Crowley's mother reappearing, and Dean and Sam, characters essayed by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki respectively, trying to avoid letting the Mark of Cain get the better of the elder Winchester brother.

But preventing something similar to the massacre happening again is going to be a tough task as there is no record of a cure. But that won't hinder the Winchester brothers, and their journey to find a cure will lead them to do some disagreeable things, hinted showrunner Jeremy Carver in a recent interview with IGN.

"What begins to overtake both Dean and Sam, and Castiel to a certain extent, is how do we keep what happened in episode nine from happening again. How do we keep Dean from getting even worse and keep the Mark from overtaking him once again? That's going to lead both brothers -- together and separately -- going down a lot of roads, associating with a lot of people that they might rather not be associating with, and, to be very frank, taking a lot of risks and chances and maybe doing some unsavory things all in the pursuit of getting rid of this mark," Carver said.

As for the other characters, the showrunner hinted that Castiel will find a permanent solution to his failing grace, and he will also try to mend his relationship with Claire, his vessel's daughter. Unlike in the first half of the season, Castiel will be spending more time with Dean as well.

Another interesting equation is going to be between Rowena and her son Crowley, the King of Hell. She appears disappointed in his lack of ruthlessness and she will push him to be who he is.

Although Crowley is glad to have his mother back, he is yet unsure if he can trust her as he is yet to figure out what she wants. "And despite the fact that she abandoned him several years ago, or several hundred years ago, there is this pull of family that he can't deny and it leads to a wonderfully complex relationship between these two as they're trying to feel each other out after all these years," noted Carver.

The second half of "Supernatural" season 10 returns on Tuesday, 20 January, on The CW .