Sam Winchester has his demonic brother in his grasp, and the upcoming episode of "Supernatural" will feature a confrontation between the brothers, as Sam tries to make Dean embrace his humanity. 

Although Sam and Dean have always had a strained relationship, "Soul Survivor" will further complicate matters as Dean is in no mood to be the good guy anymore. But Sam is hellbent on saving his brother, and this puts them on opposite teams.

A brief preview of the upcoming episode shows Dean chasing Sam shouting: "I don't wanna leave till I find you. Let's finish this game."

The episode will present "a Dean that we haven't seen before," executive producer Robert Singer told TVLine. "Over the first three episodes, he gets to the point where Sam has to try to really pull him back from an edge that he probably hasn't been on before. How he does it or if he does it..."

Spoilers indicate that Sam will succeed in getting rid of the demon in Dean, thanks to Castiel, but their problem is far from over. "The cure does happen," star Jensen Ackles revealed to TVLine, "but it doesn't solve the problem of the Mark of Cain. There's still an ugly head that's waiting to be reared. When that happens is waiting to be seen."

The scene where Castiel confronts Dean is believed to be a little "touchy," according to  Misha Collins.

Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester, added that the brothers will have to deal with the consequences of Dean's actions as a demon and Sam will repent the things he did on his quest to track down Dean and to save him.

The episode will also see the unlikely partnership of Castiel and Crowley, who seeks the angel's help to get rid off the problems caused by Dean in hell. Although the two are reluctant to work together, they will ultimately find a common goal, and speculations are rife that this might have something to do with the Mark of Cain.

"Supernatural" Season 10, episode 3 titled "Soul Survivor" will air on 21 October at 9 p.m. ET on The CW Network.