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A lot of excitement and energy can be seen at this year's San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) as there have been numerous panels of movies, television series and comic books showcasing exclusive trailers and promotional events. What really adds to the charm of the convention is the presence of actors and cast members at the respective panels.

Though several actors have made it to Comic-Con this year, promoting their upcoming movies, it seems that Henry Cavill had the best time among all of them. The "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" actor was present in the event to promote his upcoming "Justice League" movie.

However, Cavill decided to leave the panel for a while and have a look at "Suicide Squad" panel. But he decided to do it his "own way." Instead of simply walking into the panel and meet the cast of "Suicide Squad," Cavill chose to prank one of the lead actors from the movie, Will Smith, who is portraying the role of Deadshot in the film.

A video footage posted by Cavill on his Instagram handle shows him donning a Guy Fawkes "V for Vendetta" mask and sneaking beside Will Smith, posing as a fan. When Smith recognises Cavill, he was visibly surprised and laughed at the prank.

The caption on the video footage reads: "Best Comic-Con yet. I got to be here for 'Justice League' but couldn't miss 'Suicide Squad.'"

Before visiting the "Suicide Squad" panel, Cavill roamed around with the mask on and posed for pictures with unsuspecting fans and comic books, including a Superman comic book too. Once at the panel, Cavill discreetly sneaked behind Smith. After Smith and the other cast members at the panel recognised Cavill, he went on to get their autographs. Undoubtedly, the Man of Steel had an amazing time there.