typhoon Nina,
Super typhoon Nina is expected to hit Philippines on Christmas Day.Reuters

Philippines has started evacuating thousands of people amid the threat of Super Typhoon Nock-ten approaching the nation's east coast on Christmas Day. Reports state that various ports have also been shut down.

The US Joint Typhoon Warning Center said that Super Typhoon Nock-Ten, known as Nina in Philippines, is expected to have winds between 203-250km/hour when it will approach Catanduanes, a remote island of 250,000 people in the Bicol region, late on Christmas Day (Sunday).

According to report, the typhoon is expected to hit Philippines' main island of Luzon, including the capital Manila on Monday. Considering the fast-approaching typhoon, the evacuations were ordered after the civil defence officials in the region said that hundreds and thousands of residents were in danger.

The country's weather service has warned of potentially two-metre deadly waves along the coast and also flash floods and landslides due to heavy rains.

"Destructive winds, storm-surge flooding and heavy rainfall are expected in Bicol with the nearest approach of Nock-ten/Nina. Whether the region gets the strongest winds from the typhoon depends on the exact path of the eyewall, which is too close to call," Weather.com reported.