Vijay Sethupathi in Super Deluxe
Vijay Sethupathi in Super Deluxe.PR Handout

Eight years after his award winning Aaranya Kaandam, Thiagarajan Kumararaja is directing his second movie in the form of Super Deluxe. The Tamil film has Vijay Sethupathi, Samantha and Fahadh Faasil playing the lead roles, while Mysskin, Ramya Krishnan and host of other actors in the supporting cast. It has Yuvan Shankar Raja's music, PS Vinod and Nirav Shah's cinematography and Sathyaraj Natarajan's editing.


The movie revolves around four stories, involving people from distinct backgrounds. Vembu (Samantha) and Mukil (Fahadh Faasil) are married couple. The former's beau, who had come to her house to have sex with her, dies and she is now forced to dispose the body with the support of her hubby, who wants to seek divorce from her.

Former adult star Leela (Ramya Krishnan)'s son is a state of a shock when realises about his mother's background. Upon realising he tries to kill his mother, but accidentally he hurts himself. His father Dhana Sekhar (Mysskin)became a priest after surviving Tsunami.

The fourth story is about transwoman Shilpa (Vijay Sethupathi), who returns from Mumbai many years after leaving his wife (Gayathri) and son(Ashwanth Ashokkumar). There is also a horny cop(Baghavathy Perumal), who is willing to go to an extent to fulfil his sexual desire. The developments that take place on the fateful day forms the crux of the story.

Super Deluxe is about morality of life with a clear message that there is nothing called right or wrong in life and deals about sex in a broader way. The director packs the punch by filling the story with laughs, nervous giggles, tears and shocks. The idea is original and breaks all the rules of the game with this one film. 


Vijay Sethupathi, Samantha, Ramya Krishnan and Bagavathi Perumal have given their best shots to ensure to make it an unforgetable cinematic experience for the viewers. Check out what the netizens say about the Tamil film:

Kaushik: #SuperDeluxe - 'A' rated for good reason.. Cuss words, bold adult themes, mature taking etc. - @itisthatis goes full steam with no compromises. Kudos to the censor board too, for passing the film for an adult audience. 3 hrs cinema.. Will be a treat for film buffs. Do watch it!
#SuperDeluxe - Shilpa and Rasukutty.. Pure ❤️.. Will see the film again just for them..
#Makkalselvan @VijaySethuOffl and the absolutely cute Master Ashwanth..
#SuperDeluxe - 4.25/5. @Samanthaprabhu2 is superb in the emotional scenes, portraying a complex role She has a unique, interesting pairing/chemistry with the suave yet edgy #FahadhFaasil.
@meramyakrishnan is all class. #Mysskin & Bucks (Bagavathi Perumal) are a revelation too.
#SuperDeluxe -4.25/5. @VijaySethuOffl manushan azhavechurraru sila scenes la, with his performance.. A mass hero acting as a transgender and showcasing the pain in their personal lives is such a bold, daring step. A pure artist #Makkalselvan #NadippinSelvan #Vijaysethupathi
#SuperDeluxe - 4.25/5.. One more bold cult film from @itisthatis. Never seen before experience! A film with multiple layers, segments, characters and genre elements.
Makkalselvan #Vijaysethupathi VERITHANAM.. He'll bag all the acting awards for this year.. @VijaySethuOffl

Ramesh Bala:  #SuperDeluxe [4.5/5] : Dir @itisthatis / #ThiagarajanKumararaja is Master Craftsman when it comes to movie making..
He has also studied people and life.. He is a rare blend of multiple talents..
He has made a movie, that needs multiple viewings.. This is Proud Indian Cinema!
Whether @thisisysr 's BGM or DOPs #NiravShah / #PSVinod or Sound design..
Without their contribution, the movie wouldn't be receiving the praise, it is receiving today..
#SuperDeluxe [4.5/5] : All the 5 teenage boys and Child Actors especially #Rasukutty has simply performed on par with Lead Actors..
A movie in which every actor in the ensemble, has given their best..
Actor #BagavathiPerumal aka #Bucks - Such a mean Cop role.. His performance is so perfect, u would hate him..
@SGayathrie - A subtle role.. She has conveyed the lingering pain of her character beautifully.. Her best performance till date..
#FahadhFaasil - A role, not many would accept.. He has simply aced it..
@meramyakrishnan - Again, another role, not many would accept.. She brings out the pain of a suffering mother beautifully.. Especially, in the hospital scenes.. Her climax dialogues
A so-called bold role, but her innocence comes thru.. Eventually, u feel sympathetic to her character..
She has performed admirably from start to end.. Especially the pre-climax/climax.. Her acting is fab..
#SuperDeluxe [4.5/5] : @VijaySethuOffl as Transgender #Shilpa His acting is verithanam..
Only an Actor who has surrendered himself to craft of acting can do such a role and deliver such a powerful performance..

Chinni chris john: #SuperDeluxe is the best movie for this weekend it will remembered as one of the best movies of Tamil cinema this is my second favourite movie after KATHTHI my both favourite movies has one thing in common and that is @Samanthaprabhu2 the best actress of this generation

Sidhu: #SuperDeluxe: @thisisysr is truly the backbone of the film, handing out an eclectic score that is yet another hero in the narrative. @itisthatis' love for Ilaiyaraaja is also nicely stitched in with cover versions apart from the usage of yesteryear's chartbusters.
#SuperDeluxe: Hat tip to @VijaySethuOffl, @Samanthaprabhu2 and @meramyakrishnan. These are gutsy choices that not many would dare to take, and all of them coming in for the same film is a once in a blue moon occurrence. Awesome performances!
#SuperDeluxe: Mad, mysterious & mindful. This is Kumararaja's trippy tribute to cinema and life in full, letting his imagination flow without limits. Would call it a parts-greater-than-whole experience, it's a terrific effort to write and put this together!
#SuperDeluxe Interval: Crazy joyride with loads of intriguing characters and wicked situations, liking it so far. The lesser you know about it before watching it, the better. @VijaySethuOffl, @Samanthaprabhu2, Fahad and @meramyakrishnan - thank you for saying yes to this!

CINEMAKARAN: #SuperDeluxe - (4.5/5)
The film talks about the sex in a broad way. But it's not just for a pleasure of watching. @itisthatis is the gem. He is the gift to Indian cinema. The film is so original and equal credits should be given to co- writers of the film.
Yes I loved Aaranya Kaandam, but Super deluxe is beyond that. One of the BEST movie ever made in Indian Cinema. @itisthatis made a film on morality of life. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right. Each and every scene shows the cinematic brilliance of director.
The film talks about the sex in a broad way. But it's not just for a pleasure of watching. @itisthatis is the gem. He is the gift to Indian cinema. The film is so original and equal credits should be given to co- writers of the film.

Ashwin Saravanan: #SuperDeluxe - Laughs, gasps, nervous giggles, tears, awe. There isn't a note the film fails to hit. What ultimately stays with you is the tenderness in simple moments you find between the film's shocks and surprises.
#SuperDeluxe - More power to @ynotxworld for backing experimental films and getting the audience they rightly deserve. It was a lovely premiere.

Sudhish Kamath: He wanted to do #SuperDeluxe as a quickie & asked writers he loved to develop stories he had. But his passion is such that his quickie has taken him four years. The second script is his epic. The only way he can get it made BIG is if #SuperDeluxe works big! Make it happen, guys.

Saiyami Kher: Watched #SuperDeluxe yesterday and I'm still stunned by how @itisthatis could think of all that he has in this Master piece. Great cast!
Don't want to say more, but if you are a film lover, DO NOT miss this film!
@Samanthaprabhu2 @VijaySethuOffl @meramyakrishnan #FahadFasil

Padma Iyer: I don't know how to describe #SuperDeluxe. It is wierd, thrilling, funny, relevant, over the top, dark, emotional and so much more. @VijaySethuOffl you are brilliant @Samanthaprabhu2 love you @itisthatis what goes on in your mind man!!!

S Abishek: It is not aagaa. It is aagaadha gaagaa
At the mid point of #SuperDeluxe
Too many things to be talked about. This drama, this framing, this character arch, this dialogue and @itisthatis

Chaithu_mviemaniac: #SuperDeluxe @itisthatis Breaks every rule in film making to present an experience that WOWWS you and makes you feel does film making necessarily have to follow a template
He says neither films or life have to follow s template

Rajasekar: #SuperDeluxe first half - Super fun ride so far. Not sure whether any other stars other than @Samanthaprabhu2 and @VijaySethuOffl would have agreed to play Vaembu and Shilpa. Sheer guts! Tharamana Sambavam by @itisthatis!
#SuperDeluxe - @VijaySethuOffl is an acting monster and he proves it for the nth time. Vaembu is a giant leap in @Samanthaprabhu2 's career and she shines like a sparkling diamond. #Mysskin & @meramyakrishnan are the moral teachers. Bucks (#NKPK) is an intolerable demon.
#SuperDeluxe - 3 hour madcap ride. @itisthatis breaks all the norms of cinema and life in one film! There is nothing wrong and right in life and cinema, says the filmmaker! Fantabuluous experience . @VijaySethuOffl @Samanthaprabhu2 #Mysskin @meramyakrishnan take a bow

Prashanth Rangaswamy: Hi @Samanthaprabhu2 - U can retire if u want from acting. You have reached your performance peak through #SuperDeluxe and it will be with you for a life time !! .
#SuperDeluxe - A guide book for film makers for another decade.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #SuperDeluxe is the craziest cinematic experience I've had in a long, long time. Dark, funny, eccentric and layered; this is Tamil cinema's boldest attempt in recent years. A terrific social commentary on life, sex, gender, science, religion, spirituality, marriage and faith.
Halfway through #SuperDeluxe and I'm fucking blown away, and that's putting what I'm going through mildly.

Sreedhar Pillai: Cheers to @itisthatis for an awesome movie experience and arranging a night press show. #SuperDeluxe

Anupama Chopra: The film to watch this weekend is #Superdeluxe - such a masterful blend of high & low, the sacred & the profane! Thiagarajan Kumararaja (@itisthatis) creates a narrative that encompasses marriage, relationships, religion, politics, porn & life itself! Don't miss it.

Vasan_Bala: Super Deluxe is a film that you binge watch. So loving shot and the BGM and sound design a glorious reminder of the 80s, Ilayaraja, SPB, Mithun and Bappi Lahiri! And of course love loss betrayal sexuality Universe atoms molecules God Human gender sex and black plastic bags