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The rise in the number of sperm donors over the years is indeed a blessing to couples who are struggling with fertility problems. In Britain, the most prolific sperm donor of the country has fathered at least 34 children, the official statistics claim.

Donors are often compensated with £35 expenses for each sample, as they can't be paid for the act as per the state laws. According to Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, figures suggest that the anonymous man has been paid around £1,190 for his donations.

According to Government agency's data, the second-most prominent donor has fathered 31 children. There are 17 others who have each produced 20 or more offspring out of 667 'super dads', whose samples have led to at least ten children, Sun reported.

The data is based on official donors. However, one private donor, known as Simon Watson, 43, of Luton, claims that he has fathered 800. He said he has been selling it for £50 a pot on Facebook since 2000. However, his claims are not verified.

The official sperm donors have no legal parental rights, and they are not required to support the child financially. According to rules, a donor's sperm can go to only ten families or couples but some recipients use the same man's samples multiple times.

There is growing trend for home kits in the UK, as the demand for semen far exceeds the supply. There are online services available from where people can get the insemination kits. It consists of semen pots and syringes to inject the sample and can be easily bought from there.

However, it doesn't have the same safety checks as in fertility clinics. In fact, National Health Service (NHS) warns that it is 'potentially risky'.