Super Bowl XLVIII/Reuters
Super Bowl XLVIII/Reuters

The much-awaited game is already upon us, and now it's just a matter of hours before this massive sporting spectacle kicks off at the MetLife Stadium. Thousands are getting ready to be part of this year's NFL Super Bowl and it's time for some wager.

Unlike in the old days, where the most bets were placed on 'who is going to win the Super Bowl?', now there are a hundred ways to make some easy money and also have fun while doing it.

So how should the fans bet? Here is a list of top five easy and top five weird bets:

Super Bowl XLVIII Five Easy Bets:

1. How many times will Peyton Manning say "Omaha" during the game?

It surely goes on to prove that you can gamble on just about everything now. The Las Vegas betting geniuses have already put it on the roll and have predicted that Manning using the word 'Omaha' during Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII would be under or over 27.5. Manning with his constant use of 'Omaha' during the playoffs has money spinning on the word. The word is that local Omaha corporations have pledged to donate some $1,700 everytime Manning drops the city's name.

In the past, Manning has used the word 'Omaha' some 44 times in the AFC divisional round against San Diego Chargers and some 31 times in the New England Patriots game. Go for Omaha and put your wager on, for some real good money!

2. How many times will "Beast Mode" be said during the game?

Seahawks chants are breaking out and Marshawn Lynch aka 'Beast Mode' is bound to spurce up things for the ardent fans. Another easy wager and value for money would be placing the bets on how many times 'Beast Mode' will be said during Sunday's game. Predictions are over and under 2; so what is your best guess? Surely the Seahawks are planning on using the 'Beast Mode' chant due to its earth-shaking effects.

3. Total number of penalties made in the game by both teams

The bets are raging for over or under 12.5.

4. Will the game go to overtime?

Historically speaking, there has been never been a super bowl that went into overtime. But who knows? This time history can change. Hence predictions are that there is six is to one chance of an overtime during the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII. However, again, there is a ten to one chance that there will no overtime this year as well. Now that's an easy bet!

5. After Super Bowl, will the Dow Jones rise or fall?

While a clear prediction on this will be much difficult to make bets are raging high for the markets to soar the day after the Super Bowl. But there is also an equal number of wager on the market plummeting the next day.

Super Bowl XLVIII Five Absurd Bets:

1. Will there be a power outage during Super Bowl XLVIII?

The National Football League (NFL) was on the receiving end last year, over the blackout during the Super Bowl in New Orleans. It has been dubbed as 'an unprecedented moment in Super Bowl history'. The organizers are taking all precautions this year, as the MetLife Stadium has added extra power lines and generators as an extra precaution, in case of outage. The bettings are high that there won't an outage this year. But a few skeptics are still putting their money on the slight chance of an outage.

2. Will Renee Fleming forget or omit at least one word of the official US national anthem?

Wagers are high that Soprano Renee Fleming will forget at least one word, while singing the US national anthem. Fleming will sing the anthem before the start of the game at the MetLife. The four-time Grammy winner will be the first opera star to sing the anthem at the Super Bowl. Previously Renee had performed the national anthem at the Game 2 of the 2003 World Series at the Yankee Stadium. Hope she still remembers all the words byheart. So what will you wager be?

3. Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the national anthem?

Denver's Running Back Knowshon Moreno is not someone who is afraid to hide his emotions. The cameras have often caught him in tears, especially during the national anthem. Chances are, if Renee gets the notes right, we may be able to get Moreno in tears.

4. Which song is Bruno Mars going to perform first?

Even as many are still wondering how did Bruno Mars make it to the Super Bowl halftime show, bets are raging on which song is he going to perform first. Will it be Treasure, Grenade, Locked Out Of Heaven, Just The Way You Are, Marry You, The Lazy Song or Gorilla?

5. Will it snow during the game?

Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first ever game that will be held in an open stadium in the northern United States. Already meteorologists are worried on what will happen if it snows at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Bet predictions are high that it will snow during the game.