Google Trends shows top trending searches on Super Bowl 50 performers
Google Trends shows top trending searches on Super Bowl 50 performersReuters

Super Bowl 50 was not just about the game but also for its star-studded performances, festivities, ads and celebrations. With the victory of Denver Broncos during the Sunday's football game in Santa Clara, California, against Carolina Panthers, there were several other discussions that got the audience curious. Google Trends has shared an interesting list of top searches during Super Bowl 50 performances led by Beyoncé, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars.

Coldplay's Chris Martin performed during the game's halftime and top trending questions on Google during the show were:

  1. How tall is Chris Martin?
  2. How old is Chris Martin?
  3. Where is Coldplay from?
  4. Is Chris Martin married?
  5. When did Coldplay start?

Some questions remained standard for Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, who joined Martin during the Super Bowl 50 performance.

Top five trending questions on Beyoncé were:

  1. How tall is Beyoncé?
  2. How many kids does Beyoncé have?
  3. How old is Beyoncé?
  4. Is Beyoncé pregnant?
  5. Is Beyoncé married?

As for Bruno Mars:

  1. How tall is Bruno Mars?
  2. How old is Bruno Mars?
  3. What is Bruno Mars' nationality?
  4. Where is Bruno Mars from?
  5. Is Bruno Mars married?

Google also shared other statistics such as most searched Broncos players, which includes in order Peyton Manning, Von Miller, Aqib Talib, DeMarcus Ware and C.J. Anderson. Manning was also the most searched quarterback during Sunday's game.