30 year old,Matthew Mills grabbed eh microphone from Malcolm Smith and shouted
30 year old,Matthew Mills grabbed eh microphone from Malcolm Smith and shouted "Investigate 9/11."/TVGrab

A truther shouting 'Investigate 9/11' has the online world abuzz with activity. While the man was arrested within moments of the interruption, twitter and other social networking sites have been abuzz with plea calling for investigation on 9/11 attacks.

The incident took place while Seahawks' linebacker Malcolm Smith, who has been nominated for Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player Award, was at the podium doing his postgame press conference. The truther, who has been identified as 30 year old, Matthew Mills, grabbed the microphone from Smith and shouted "Investigate 9/11." He said,"9/11 was perpetrated by people in our own government" before leaving the stage.

The incident has once again stirred-up public interest on conspiracies and theories surrounding the 9/11 terror attacks. A White House petition has also been created, which states: "After many years of being told lies we the people believe that a thorough investigation should be made in who was behind the 9/11 attacks. No more lies. No more corruption."

Watch Video: Investigate 9/11 - Malcolm Smith Interview Interrupted by a Truther

Over the years following the terror attacks, several theories have been doing the round.

1. Twin Towers were rigged with bombs and that caused the bombing, not the planes:

One of the mostly debated theories that have been doing the round is that the World Trade Center was taken out in controlled demolition. It is speculated that the towers were brought down with explosives placed in selected locations. The theories rely on witnesses accounts, which state that they heard explosions inside the building while they attempted to escape. It is also debated by architects and scientists that a plane's fuel cannot produce enough heat to melt the steel frame of the two buildings that collapsed.

2. Pentagon attack staged:

Conspiracy theorists have often raised questions on why the plane that crashed at Pentagon was not shot down. Further, suspicions has been raised over the fact that the plane crashed into a portion of Pentagon that had been lying vacant due to renovation.

3. How did the passports of hijacker survive the explosion?

Theorist also have doubted the claims by the investigation agencies that they were able to identify the bombers based on the passports recovered from the crash sites. It is suspected that it is highly unlikely that the passports could survive the explosion, which destroyed the buildings.

4. Why the secrecy over the recovered black boxes?

In the weeks following the 9/11 attacks, the black boxes were one of the most-important items to be found. Till now the contents of the tapes have not been made public, which the skeptics believe is an attempt to support the secret scheme.

5. How did aluminium planes break into steel structure?

Theorists believe that commercial airplanes are made of very light aluminum material, which makes it quite impossible for it to wreck the Twin Towers, which had steel frames.

While several theories are doing the round, the concerned citizens are taking to twitter to express themselves, following the Investigate 9/11 call. In other words, Investigate 9/11 is turning into an movement. 

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