Talk about all things being crazy, we finally have the all important Sunset Overdrive with us. And falling true to whatever we heard about the game until its final release, this new Xbox One exclusive is one of the most interesting games to arrive in 2014.

The new Sunset Overdrive is one of the few games out there that actually lives up to all the expectations. The game's intense graphics, the amount of lively colours and the movement mechanics also compliment the entire overall gameplay of the title.

Sunset Overdrive is basically set in 2027, in the fictional open world metropolis called Sunset City. The player fights against humans transformed into mutants after consuming an energy drink. And as you may have expected already, your job is to around these uglies while completing the missions.

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However, chances are that the game could seem a bit complex at the start, although you just need to get into it more to get it completely into your system. But worry not you ever-patient gamer for all those problems can be solved. Just go through the list of things below that you need to remember while playing the game.

Customisation Haven
One thing about the new Sunset Overdrive that makes it such a special treat is the ability to change the character features in the game anytime you want. Sounds more like the one present in Borderlands 2. Sure, but with more customisation options. Sunset Overdrive lets you change and alter every single thing you put into your character at any point in the game by approaching the merchant Callista. These merchants can be found in a lot of locations across the in-game map and is easily your one-stop-shop for all the changes you might want to treat your character to.

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Keep Off the Ground
Sunset Overdrive is one of those games that asks you to make your decisions on the go. That means you cannot be stuck to one place and try to fight it out, especially the ground. There's a reason why the game has such intense movement mechanics that involves you swinging and rappling. The key is to always keep moving while spreading out some hate. But whatever it is, keep off the ground.

Movement is the Key
While keeping above the ground is an important thing for players of Sunset Overdrive, it's even more important to keep on your heels all the time. The not-so-good natured turned citizens of Sunset City will look for any opportunity to pounce upon you. And it's usually a good idea to keep moving so as to not allow them to come around you. Chances are you will be killed off.

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Two Hat Jack Will Tell You About Collectibles
Know that in order to get hold of the collectibles in the game, you just have to buy maps from Two Hat Jack. This will direct you to even bigger loot that will then head back and feed the game's amp system. Picking up loot also means that you can customize your weapons to make them more powerful than the rest.

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Pressing X Offers Wall-Scaling
Remember how back in Prince of Persia, the concept of scaling walls got us all worked up? Well, the mechanism is back in Sunset Overdrive and it just requires you to press the X button on the controller. The entire wall scaling technique is also an effective way of navigating Sunset City, especially when there's combat involved as well. Since the game really has little or no concern about how exactly Physics works out, it's better you stick to the specified gameplay and get around the city with the most loot possible.