The business of releasing exclusives is usually met with mixed feelings and reactions from the gamers. And that's usually generated by the fact that a person owning an Xbox will never be able to play God of War or one owning a PlayStation will never experience Halo. But then again, each comes with their own specialities.

Racing head on into 2015, we are seeing a host different game release from a plethora of developers. And one such title that has taken a lot of notice is the newly released Sunset Overdrive, made exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox One.

As far as an overview of the game is concerned, Sunset Overdrive is set in 2027, in the fictional open world metropolis called Sunset City. The player fights against humans transformed into mutants after consuming an energy drink. Thus far we have been inside the game and managed to point a few things you need to know.

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Here's everything we have seen from Sunset Overdrive so far. Also note that the piece contains spoilers.

You Will Love the Colors
The most basic point where Sunset Overdrive is sure to turn a few heads is related to the kind of colour vibrancy that's on offer from the game. It's all colour everywhere you see. And it's also quite amazing how cleverly the entire gore element of the game has been introduced with so many colours to dazzle the screen while you play the game.

It's Mostly Mindless.. Hence Fun
When was the last time you actually took on a project that doesn't really count up to anything? We are guessing never since "being practical" is such an important thing. However, with Sunset Overdrive, it seems like it's okay to let go of those premonitions and enjoy with mindless killing and not-too-serious approach towards the game. Add to that, the impressive movement mechanic in the game.

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The Plot is Absolutely Absurd
If you are expecting a single player storyline from the game that actually means something, you are in for a massive surprise. Since the game is filled with mindless absurdities, it's only natural that even the storyline will compliment by being equally absurd. For starters, the player finds himself stuck in Sunset City after energy drink corporation Fizzco poisoned the citizens of Sunset City, which turned them into violent mutants called OD.

One Of the Best Looking Titles on Xbox One
Hands down, Sunset Overdrive is one of the best looking games on the Xbox One. Right from the intense colours to the brilliant architecture of the city, everything feels complimentary to the gameplay on offer. But that doesn't mean the game's frame rate will falter while handling all these colours. On the contrary, the frame rate does enough justice to a game that's not even meant to be as realistic as you might expect.

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Brilliantly Worked On Movement Mechanics
Apart from all the colours and architectures in Sunset Overdrive, the game's mobility and movement mechanics also deserve special mention. For example, you will find a lot of joy in zip-lining across the city, apart from the fact that nearly all the objects in the city can be interacted with and can be used as a pedestal to jump around. This makes movement more fun than you can possibly imagine.

You Need to Keep Moving
The worst mistake that you can do in this game is stand at a single place and try to defeat the enemy. There's a reason why the devs have made a plethora of ways by which the player can move around the city. Hence you need to be absolutely certain that you move around while killing the mutants. Some might see this as a major downer for the game, but there's no fun standing at a single place and playing the game.

The Weapons are Wild
Again, don't go around expecting weapons like that of Borderlands 2, but that being said, the collection here isn't half bad either. In fact, it's one of the few games that will offer you weapons that are nothing less than wild. These include the likes of bowling ball cannon, a gun that sprinkles acid and even an explosive teddy bear launcher. Sometimes you will even be spoilt for choices by the kind of guns that are on offer.

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The Boss Battles Are the Best
There's hardly a chance for you to get bored with the game. But if sometimes you are indeed not finding equal enthusiasm from the game, Sunset Overdrive has this uncanny habit of bringing a challenging boss battle into the picture. While Sunset Overdrive is anyway filled with enough juice to keep you on the edge of your seat, the boss battles are somewhat bonuses to reward you in-game.

Chaos Squad Multiplayer
If you are done and dusted with the singleplayer gameplay, you could always join your buddies and mess around Sunset City. There are Chaos Squad booths around the map where you team up against seven other uniquely crazy players while trying to fight off the horde. Even if the game puts enough emphasis on cooperation, players will be rewarded individually for their skills.