Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive will release in November 2014 for Xbox

Upcoming open world video game Sunset Overdrive, from developer Insomniac Games, gets its first in-game video footage, promising players a fun-filled third-person shooter title.

The game is set in the fictional Sunset City in 2027, where FizzCo controls things. Players are tasked to clean up the mess after the corporation's newest energy drink - Overcharge Delirium XT - mutates people who drink it excessively.

The game will feature zip-lines, rail grinding, super jumping, running on walls and acrobatics as part of the high action and paced combat.

The game will have different factions that players can choose from, like the Fargarths, and a "lot more" memorable characters have been promised. Character customization will also be available.

When it comes to enemies, players will not be disappointed since there are a lot of them in the game. The video introduces players to some of them, like 'the blower'. When a player dies, he is respawn in a unique and crazy way.

The game has some strange looking weapons, from bowling ball launchers to Roman Candle repeaters, captain ahab and teen teddy. The game has a unique amp system with more than 50 amps to choose from, ranging from nuclear explosion to hair death.

Further details have been revealed from the Edge magazine's exclusive, where the world is built up by a series of islands, and each have their own day and night cycle. The game is currently at "sub-1080p" which will be optimised further.

"We wanted to take the shooter genre away from cowering behind cover. You'll be rewarded for jumping over that cover and taking the fight to the enemy. I think there's a certain level of fatigue among players right now," said Drew Murray, director, in his interview with Edge.

Sunset Overdrive will have its first reveal at Microsoft's E3 2013 media briefing. It will be a part of San Diego Comic-Con, Gamescom and PAX Prime.

The game is an Xbox One exclusive and will release in November 2014.

(YouTube Courtesy: xbox)