Bollywood item girl Rakhi Sawant, who often accuses actresses Sunny Leone and Veena Malik of taking away her offers, has once again lashed out at the duo.

Rakhi Sawant has now been roped in for a lead role in upcoming movie "Ek Kahaani Julie Ki", which is apparently inspired by Indrani Mukerjea's life. In an interview to Bollywood Hungama she spoke about her role in the film and her relationship with Indrani and her slain daughter Sheena Bora.

It could be mentioned that Indrani--a TV mogul--was arrested last month in connection with Sheena's murder more than three years ago.

Asked for her opinion on the recent comment by a CPI leader on Sunny Leone's condom ad, Rakhi said, "There should be condom ads and they are very essential to create awareness among the young generation. They are also essential for their security."

However, she groaned that the condom ad of Man Force was initially offered to her, but Sunny Leone snatched it by quoting a lower price. She also blasted Veena Malik for taking away her offers in the past.

"Even I had got offer to do condom ad (Man Force), but could not do it. I could not adjust date and I did not get expected amount of money. So this offer went to Sunny Leone. She is perfect for that ad. There are two actresses like Sunny Leone and Veena Malik, who always walk away with my offers quoting less amount of remuneration for them," Rakhi Sawant told Bollywood Hungama.

Asked about her one-liners like "Leela ko geela karungi", Rakhi said she would live up to them in real life. "I'm doing movie titled Julie. I will do better acting, exposing and dance than her. I will even do few semi nude scenes. I don't want to bare it all for the camera. But the script demands it. I have to do, when the writer and director demand for it," she said.

Rakhi went on to say that she is a mass heroine.

"Some movie goers are of different type and they buy ticket for a film, when they find some glamour (masala) in it. I am not the heroine of class. I have got mass audience to make my films hit. Both class and mass audience like me. Mass audience say it in public, while the other group ignores me. But they also love me very much," she said.