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Sunny Leone was counting her lucky stars on Wednesday after she and her husband Daniel Weber escaped from a situation which could have led to a fatal plane crash in Maharashtra.

Sunny and Daniel were travelling on a private jet when the pilots almost lost control due to bad weather. The actress has now shared the harrowing experience through a video on Twitter.

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In the video, Sunny says that people on board were terrified due to the severe turbulence. Then in a series of tweets, the sizzling actress thanked the pilots for managing to avoid a crash. However, in one of the tweets, she also said that even the pilots started praying mid-air.

"Thank the lord we are all alive! Our private plane almost crashed through bad weather. Counting our stars and driving home! Thank you God!," she first tweeted with the video.

In the following tweets, Sunny said: "Have to thank the pilots 4doing such an amazing job getting us through & alive. But You know it's bad when the pilot starts praying mid air!"

"Our pilots were so amazing. Our lives were in their hands and they saved us!" she added. She later shared another video that was shot from inside the plane. Check here:

While this was a real mishap that was avoided, a fake report was doing the rounds claiming that Shah Rukh Khan had died in a plane crash.

The report claims that SRK was travelling to Paris in a private plane, which crashed mid-way, leaving Shah Rukh and seven others dead. The report left fans shocked until they realised that it was yet another death hoax.