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Sunny Leone, who was in the news recently over a controversial interview with Bhupendra Chaubey that had gone viral, lost her cool during a face-to-face interaction in Bengaluru with journalists Saturday. Sunny was in the city to promote her upcoming movie "One Night Stand."

Sunny interacted with some reporters after a press conference arranged for her film "One Night Stand." While the interaction was in regard to her upcoming movie, a couple of journalists asked her about her past, which irked the actress. Also there were some other questions not pertaining to her movie that made Sunny angry enough to abruptly leave the interview room.

According to sources, one of the reporters asked Sunny about reportedly being the brand ambassador of an adult shopping website called "" Sunny denied reportedly being the brand ambassador of the website and asked the reporter to frame questions after doing proper research.

Another reporter apparently asked Sunny about her past and the transition from being a porn star to a Bollywood actress. Such questions made the "One Night Stand" actress lose her calm and she left the room, refusing to answer any more questions, sources said.

"These reporters didn't bother to do proper research before asking her such questions. She got very angry and just moved out of the room. Some reporters even requested her to click selfies with them," a source said. "One Night Stand" director Jasmine D'Souza was also present at the event.

International Business Times, India tried to contact Sunny, her husband Daniel Weber and Jasmine but no response came from them.

Earlier, there were reports that Sunny had slapped a reporter in Gujarat after he had asked her about her charges for "night programmes." However, both Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber had later said nothing of the sort had happened.