Sunny Leone recently attended an interview conducted by CNN IBN journalist Bhupendra Chaubey, which has gone viral on social media. Although the interview was supposed to be on her upcoming movie "Mastizaade", the actress was bombared with questions regarding her past.

The journalist threw a series of questions at her regarding her association with the porn industry, which apparently made Sunny quite uncomfortable. However, the actress replied to all the questions with great composure, for which she was applauded by many from the film fraternity.

On the other side, the veteran journalist was criticised not only by Sunny's fans but also several other journalists and celebrities. Sunny started trending on Twitter, with tweets praising the actress' replies, but the newsman has been vehemently criticised for his "sexist" and "prejudiced" questions.

The journalist started the interview with the question: "What is the one thing that Sunny Leone regrets in life, personally or professionally?" Sunny replied the only regret she has in life is she could not be with her mother when she passed away. Nevertheless, the questions that followed predominantly focussed on Sunny's past and how she feels to be highly "hated" as well as the "most Google-searched" celebrity in India. (Click here to watch the interview).

Check out some of the tweets from celebrities and journalists who lauded Sunny and slammed the journalist: