Sunil Kumar Desai
Sunil Kumar Desai, on the sets of Udgharsha.Sunil Kumar Desai Twitter Account

Maverick filmmaker Sunil Kumar Desai came to limelight by making suspense thrillers before delivering a few well-made romantic entertainers. In his long career, he has tried his hands in different genre movies, but suspense thriller continues to be his favourite. The 63-year old is also remembered for the unique titles that usually ended with the letters 'sha'. His latest film Udgharsha is no exception. 

Ask him whether he opts for such names for sentimetal reasons, Sunil Kumar Desai states, "It became a brand without me attempting for it. Yet some point of time, I realised that there was a kind of energy in such titles for this genre films. Thus it became a practice for me to pick such title, but I am not superstitious about having such titles," Desai opens up.

Udgharsha has an interesting mix of artistes in the cast. Bollywood's Thakur Anoop Singh, who was recently seen in Darshan's Yajamana, Kollywood actress Sai Dhanshika, Telugu actress Shraddha Das along with Kabir Duhan Singh and Tanya Hope are part of the ensemble cast.

When asked the reason behind roping in the actors from different film industries, the director said, "There is a kind of freshness in the casting. Their looks, attitude and physiques are different from each other. We have tried it to give something new experience to the audience,"

Talking about Udgharsha, Sunil Kumar Desai claimed that it is all about chain of incidents that takes place in the lives of a few. Between the suspense and mystery, there is a beautiful romance woven into the main story. "The incidents that happen in the 48 hours form the crux of the storyline," he points out.

Sunil Kumar Desai had earlier made thrillers like Tarka, Utkarsha and Sangarsha. Do he see changes in making such genre movies today when compared to earlier, Desai says, "The core content remains the same. Be it romantic movies or suspense thrillers, every filmmaker rehashes the same old content, but gives different dimensions to it. With the evolving technologies, making styles and presentations are constantly in the makeover.

Asking him the secret success formula of suspense thrillers, Desai responds, "There is no such formula. Everybody has their own style of making and if the audience like the content, it will become a successful film."

Udgharsha will release on 22 March in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam in over 400 screens.

Thakur Anoop Singh, Sai Dhanshika and Sunil Kumar Desai.Sunil Kumar Desai Facebook Page