Sunil Choudhary

Sunil Choudhary, a key member of a well-known University, says he is working consistently for the development and infrastructure related issues regarding the institute. In a top meeting held recently, he talked about university's research facilities and had in depth discussions about different the University will be undertaking

He claims the University is one of the best in India and the largest one in West Rajasthan. Hence, he wants it to get a special status. Every year, lakhs of students join the University to receive higher education and a lifetime experience, according to him. He says he is aware that the University lacks adequate research infrastructure and subjects. These aspects play a crucial role in the career choice of the students. So, he always creates awareness about it whenever discussions of the country's education matters are held.

He wants the University to be given a priority to launch development projects. As most of the students who pass out from the institute he claims take the job of higher stature pertaining to nation's development, he wants to improve the efficiency and quality of education. He also believes that new subjects should be introduced in the university with new faculties who are experts in it.

Whenever he talks about the students of that University, he highly praises them for the hard work they do to always be on the top. He says that he will always put efforts to ensure the development of the university and quality education for the students. He says, "The students are the future of India. It is important to give them the best facilities and best education. Every year, so much happens around us. New subjects or syllabus will also help them to be aware about the current happenings and general knowledge."