Sundar Pichai New Google CEO
Sundar Pichai New Google CEOReuters

After hacking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Pinterest and Twitter accounts, hacker group OurMine's next high-profile target was former Twitter CEO Evan Williams' Twitter account. Now, the notorious hacker group has attacked Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Quora account.

TheNextWeb reported that the three-member hacker group's MO involves exploiting a website's vulnerabilities and is rebranding itself as a "security firm."

OurMine told TNW: "We are just testing people security, we never change their passwords, we did it because there is other hackers can hack them and change everything [sic]."

OurMine had reportedly posted the word "hacked" on Pichai's account and followed it up with "Hey it's OurMine, we are just testing your security, please visit OurMine to upgrade it." These words from OurMine have almost become a calling card of sorts for the group.

"We are just trying to let them know that nobody is safe," OurMine had told Mic. OurMine also has a security check-up plan for social media accounts that people can sign up for $5,000 per scan. The team in turn tells them whether their accounts are hackable.

OurMine had also asked Sundar Pichai to visit to upgrade his security.

On their website, OurMine offered two types of services: personal account security and company security.

The group offers to scan customers' accounts and websites for weaknesses and vulnerabilities and offer ways to fix the flaws. The group, as a mark of professionalism, also gives users a money-back offer if their service didn't work.

Interstingly, their packages range from as little as $99.99 for individual user accounts to $5,000, where the group promises to "scan all staffs in the company," "websites of the company" and "scan application."

In a Hollywood-esque "don't call us, we'll call you" fashion, the group also says "After you pay we will contact you at your paypal email [sic]."