Union Minister Shashi Tharoor and Wife Sunanda Pushkar (Reuters)
Sunanda Pushkar with Shashi TharoorReuters

Over rapidly developing events after the death of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor's wife Sunanda Pushkar late Friday, the autopsy on the body was conducted on Saturday by a three-member panel of doctors in AIIMS.

The entire procedure of the autopsy was filmed, NDTV reported.

Pushkar, who was seen getting increasingly frantic and upset over the past few days due to an alleged extra-marital affair between Tharoor and Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar was found dead in Leela Palace Hotel in Delhi.

She grabbed major headlines this week after she hacked into her husband's Twitter account and posted private messages between him and the woman she alleged was 'stalking' him.

A spate of twitter messages from Pushkar criticizing Tarar went viral and she even alleged in a television interview on Thursday that the woman was a Pakistani ISI agent, who was trying to ruin her marriage.

News of the shocking death quickly spread, after the body of the 52-year-old Pushkar, an entrepreneur who married Tharoor in August 2010, was found under mysterious circumstances in the luxury South-Delhi hotel.

Tharoor's private secretary Abhinav Kumar said in a statement outside the hotel that he was confirming the death "with great sadness".

"She was found in a hotel room in her bed at 8:30 pm. The police, a forensic team and the magistrate are on the spot. The cause of death is unknown. After completing the formalities, the body will be taken for a post-mortem and them (we'll) get an idea of the cause of death. She was fully clothed. There was no sign of foul play or poisoning. We don't know whether it was from natural causes," he added.

Police have not ruled out the possibility of a suicide, but news is rife that she was suffering from an unknown illness and that she was under heavy medication. Friends of Pushkar, who spoke to her in the last few days explained that though she was upset, it didn't appear that she would give up. However, she had posted a cryptic message on twitter talking about how the end was near.

News of Pushkar’s death has shocked the members of the political fraternity in India and condolences from fellow ministers and celebrities have been pouring in.

Surprisingly, Tarar too tweeted about Pushkar’s death and expressed shock over it. "What the hell. Sunanda. Oh my God,” she wrote and then added: "I just woke up and read this. I'm absolutely shocked. This is too awful for words. So tragic. I don't know what to say. Rest in Peace, Sunanda."

Meanwhile, Shashi Tharoor, who was hospitalized early Saturday after he complained of chest pain, has now been discharged from AIIMS. The 57-year-old Union Minister was rushed to the hospital at around 3 a.m. after he complained of severe chest pain, anxiety and palpitation, hours after Pushkar was found dead.