TV serial actress Suchitra is reportedly absconding after her plan to rob her own house went haywire. The Chennai cops have arrested her husband Manikandan in connection with the case.

Tamil TV actress Suchitra
Tamil TV actress Suchitra.Social Media Site

A Story Straight from Cinema
Manikandan is a resident of Panruti taluk in Cuddalore district. Like thousands of people, he came to Chennai with the dreams of working in the film industry.

He became the driver to the vehicles of TV actresses and fell in love with Suchitra. However, they had a secret wedding and did not reveal it to their family members. The lockdown due to the Covid-19 hit them badly as they went jobless.

With no means for survival in Chennai, they decided to return to his native. After initial opposition, his parents accepted their relationship. Well, the story does not end here, as the actress plans to steal the jewels and money of her in-laws.

She comes up with a plan and gets her husband involved in it. She convinces him to execute her idea stating that they could make a short film from the valuables stolen from his home and they would get money and fame from it.

After handing over the responsibility of executing her plan to Manikandan, Suchitra leaves to Chennai, but her husband gets caught after leaving the house with the money and jewels following a complaint filed by his parents.

Now, the Sun TV's Deivamagal actress is absconding fearing arrest.