Louis Litt waiting for 'Action'
Louis Litt waiting for 'Action'Instagram/Sarah Rafferty

"Suits" actor Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis Litt on the show, has been caught in a nightclub fight in Toronto and he was forced to leave the place after he turned violent against a woman.

According to Radar Online, Hoffman was restrained from attacking a woman while yelling, "You wh--e! You wh--e!" The incident took place on July 9 in a lounge called 70 Down.

"People were jeering him," a source told the publication. "The bouncers were pulling him by the arms and pushing against his chest to get him out. He wanted to fight and wanted to hurt people." A bouncer was reportedly doing his best to calm down Hoffman, but the actor seemed unhinged and ready to fight, the onlooker said.

The publication spoke to Alex Saddiqui, the owner of 70 Down, who revealed that Hoffman was trying to pick up women, but things did not go his way and this seemed to infuriate the actor.
"He tried to pick up the ladies and that didn't go too well for him," Saddiqui claimed. "He said who he was and they didn't give a sh*t and he got very persistent, almost violent. His entourage said, 'This is our city.' The guy is from New York! At that point, I was, like, alright, pack up your sh*t and get out of here."

Hoffman is believed to have even threatened the bouncer who escorted him outside. The video reportedly shows an irritated Hoffman asking a second bouncer to fetch his co-worker who was responsible for removing him from the club. "I don't care. I have a broken leg. I want him dead, because he's a f*****g a**hole," Hoffman said, adding that the first bouncer was responsible for a series of unsolved murders in Toronto. "That's the guy that kills people around … That's the guy! You're working with him right now. And he looks at you with dead eyes," Hoffman said.

Hoffman was in Canada to film Season 6 of "Suits," which is currently on air.