The cast of Suits
The cast of SuitsFacebook/Suits

"Suits" Season 6 is definitely on the way, but there is no official confirmation about the release date. However, based on the fact that all five previous seasons premiered either in June on in July, fans can expect Season 6 episode 1 to release in June or July of 2016.

As of now, we do know that "Suits" will pick up from where Season 5 finale left off. It is understood that the opening scene might literally be the one where Jessica (Gina Torres) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) walks into Pearson Specter Litt only to find that every single associate has fled in search of new jobs.

Meanwhile, fans will also get to see how Mike (Patrick J Adam) fares in prison. He was given fare warning that he will face threats he would not be able to handle. However, Mike decided to pay penance for his crime and it was honestly inevitable for the story to move forward. If Mike did not get to go to the prison, the rest of the series would have been about Mike living with his guilt.

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However, this prison visit is not going to do any favour for his relationship with Rachel (Meghan Markle), especially now that he walked out of their wedding. Their love seems to be enough to keep them with each other, regardless of the distance.

Mike's prison life may work in the favour of Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Louis and Jessica as they try to rebuild the company. In fact, many fans believe that he could become some sort of a consultant for Harvey inside the prison. This relationship is also expected to bring Harvey and Mike closer than ever before.

Another school of thought is that Mike will get back to his criminal way in the prison and justify his actions with his supposed love for Rachel. Regardless of the course of action, Season 6 of "Suits" is going to be very different from what fans are familiar with about the series. "Nothing is ever going to be the same again," series creator Aaron Korsh had told Wetpaint.