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"Suits" aired the final episode of season 4 with a variety of surprising cliffhangers: Mike and Rachel got engaged, Jessica and Jeff said goodbye to each other, Harvey admitted to loving Donna, but not to being in love with her, and Donna left Harvey and agreed to work as Louis' secretary. When the legal drama returns to TV in summer with season 5, all these story-lines will be tracked with renewed vigour.

Towards the end of season 4, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) had committed a federal crime and in those tension-charged couple of episodes, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) was seen emotionally disturbed. The only priority in his life was saving Donna, but he got upset that Donna thinks of asking Louis to represent her instead of Harvey. He explained to her later: "Anyone else ever looses faith in me... it doesn't matter. But with you, it is different".

However, before things got too serious, Harvey quickly ran away from her apartment, but not before admitting that he loves her. When Donna confronted him with what he said, he refused to vocalise his feelings for her. She finally gives up trying to making him talk and decides to work with Louis (Rick Hoffman), who has consistently been appreciative of her. Louis has, over the four seasons, asked her to be his secretary many times and has even admitted that Donna knows him better than he knows himself.

Harvey had gotten really upset in season 2 when a client left him, and had then said, "People don't leave me". It seemed ironic that the one person he cared for the most in the world left him. His face is a mask of shock in the season 4 finale "Not Just a Pretty Face". In season 5, Harvey will have to deal with many issues, a prominent one being abandonment.

Rumours suggest that the showrunners are looking for an actress between the age of late thirties and sixties, to play the role of Harvey's psychiatrist. This would prove to be an interesting way of looking into Harvey's life and why he does what he does.

Season 5 will have Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) planning their wedding. In season 4 finale Mike had told Rachel that he has already sought the permission of her father Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce). But it remains to be seen if he will still be shown as a grey character, sometimes butting heads with Harvey and going to great lengths to ensure success, if he gets to play the happy father-in-law.

With Jeff Malone (D. B. Woodside) saying goodbye to Jessica (Gina Torres) and Pearson Specter Litt, it seems to be the end of their relationship. However, it remains to be seen if Jessica, who is clearly in love with Jeff and misses him, will fight for him and win him back. The newly-single status could also open doors to new relationships for Jessica.