Charles Barkley, Donna and Harvey
Charles Barkley, Donna and HarveyReuters, Facebook/Suits

"Suits" Season 5 is just around the corner and it has been confirmed that NBA star Charles Barkley will make an appearance in episode 3. It is understood that the basketball player will play a fictional version of himself.

However, the future of Harvey and Donna is still unknown. Barkley, who is a client of Specter Pearson Litt, is called in to save Harvey from the mess he is in with a partner of another firm. However, Barkley may need to put in a lot of effort to help Harvey, as the brilliant lawyer is still reeling from the shock of Donna leaving him for Louis, professionally.

Donna was the only person who could keep Harvey in check, and since her departure from his professional life, he is more or less lost. With Donna working for  Louis, the two are no longer professionally involved, meaning they do not have to be cautious about being together romantically. However, it is never that simple with Harvey and Donna.

Harvey has also started visiting a shrink, Dr Paula Agard (guest star Christina Cole), to deal with his abandonment and relationship issues. Dr Agard, a high-end corporate consultant, is said to share a "cat and mouse" relationship with Harvey. To be fair, only when challenged intellectually does Harvey respond or pay attention to what he is told.

Agard could very well be the person who can convince Harvey that he needs Donna in his life, and help him overcome the hiccups in starting a healthy relationship with Donna.

A "heart-to-heart" with Charles Barkley during the customary client-partner outing could do Harvey good too. Barkley, who never holds back during his NBA commentaries, might tell Harvey that he is missing out on being with the woman he loves. 

"Suits" Season 5 will air on USA Today on Thursday, 25 June.