DOnna and Harvey in 'Suits'
Donna and Harvey in 'Suits'Facebook/ Suits

USA Network's "Suits" will premiere its season 5 on 25 June, and boy, do they have some interesting plots lined up. With Donna saying goodbye to Harvey in the season 4 finale, there is an opening for a sassy woman to put the cocky lawyer in his place; and the creators have promised that the lot will soon be filled. Power-couple Mike and Rachel are facing some new challenges with their recent engagement.

After Donna's (Sarah Rafferty) ultimatum for Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and him making the wrong choice in terms of their relationship, it is finally clear that Harvey is afraid. He is scared of abandonment and relationships. And in order to solve these very problems, comes Christina Cole.

As reported earlier, show-runners were looking for an actress, in her late 30s to early 60s, to play the role of Harvey's shrink. And now, Cole will play the incomparable Dr Paula Agard, who specialises in high-end corporate consulting. She is described as the "perfect match" for Harvey.

With Donna quitting to be in his day-to-day life, he will need someone who is smart and brave enough to tell him when he is being a jerk. The relationship between Harvey and his psychiatrist is said to be that of a "cat and mouse" throughout season 5.

Meanwhile, Donna will be seen working for Louis (Rick Hoffman) in season 5 and although this is her way of staying away from the emotional turmoil that comes with working for the man she loves; especially the man, who refuses to admit that he has similar feelings for her. However, Donna did not choose to quit Pearson Specter Litt; she is still working in the same office as Harvey.

If she did want to start anew, why is she still staying at a place that could result in awkward encounters? It seems that she is still hoping that Harvey would come to his senses and admit his love for her.

With Jessica's (Gina Torres) lover Jeff Malone (DB Woodside) also ending badly in season 4, Rachel (Meghan Markle) and Mike (Patrick J Adams) is the only happy couple left in "Suits". The couple is palpably giddy after the engagement, but they may not be getting hitched in season 5.

Creator Aaron Korsh even teased that they may even face some hurdles in the upcoming episodes. According to some sources, Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), Rachel's father, will be handling a legal case with his daughter's fiancé, which will inevitably lead to tensions and disagreements between the newly-betrothed.

Watch out for Season 5 premiere of "Suits" on USA Network at 9pm (EST) on 24 June, Wednesday.