Suits returns with season 5 on 24 June
Suits returns with season 5 on 24 JuneFacebok/Suits

"Suits" is returning on USA Today with season 5 on Wednesday, 24 June, and when it does, fans will finally get to see how Donna's decision to leave Harvey and work for Louis, will affect Pearson Specter Litt.

Other than the familiar members of the top law firm, a few new faces will also get caught up in the feud between Louis and Harvey.

John Pyper-Ferguson, the star of "Burn Notice" and "The Last Ship", is reportedly set to play Jack Soloff, the new head of the law firm's Compensation Committee. He is said to land smack in the middle of the war between Harvey and Louis. Considering Louis and Harvey have always found reasons to butt heads, this time around the main reason for their conflict is someone they both love – Donna -- and there is nothing left to say but God Save Jack Soloff.

We had previously reported that NBC legend Charles Barkley will play a client of Pearson Specter Litt and he would have deep conversations with Harvey. Barkley will most possibly be one of the people that influence Harvey and make him recognise his feelings for Donna.

Another guest star getting ready to meddle in Harvey's life is Christina Cole who will play Harvey's therapist Dr Paula Agard. Although their relationship is described as a "cat-and-mouse" situation, the good doctor will help Harvey get through the difficult times and assist him in tapping his emotions.

Regardless of who helps him see the light, fans just want to see Harvey fighting for Donna and winning her back as his secretary and his lover. Will show-runner pay heed to the fans' wishes? Find out in the season 5 of "Suits" which starts airing on 24 June on Wednesday at 9.00 pm (EST).