DOnna and Harvey in 'Suits'
Donna and Harvey in 'Suits'Facebook/ Suits

The long wait for "Suits" season 5 is coming to a close, with episode 1 "Denial" premiering on Wednesday, 25 June on USA Network.

Season 4 had ended with Donna informing Harvey that she is going to work for his rival Louis and from the looks of it, the show-runners are wasting no time into delving on how the decision has affected them.

Although Donna (Sarah Rafferty) has moved on from Harvey's (Gabriel Macht) life, he is not out of her life and the ongoing rivalry between Louis (Rick Hoffman) and her former boss is set to pose problems for her in Pearson Specter Litt.

Louis remains paranoid that Donna will certainly return to Harvey once she proves her point or after Harvey begs her to return.

Another character expected to get caught between Harvey and Louis is Jack Soloff, the new head of the law firm's Compensation Committee. The up-and-coming partner, played by John Pyper-Ferguson of "Burn Notice" and "The Last Ship" fame, is said to confront Jessica (Gina Torres) Harvey's unconventional ways of handling things.

Harvey is also very distressed and lost by Donna's choice and is predictably upset. He is even said to visit a therapist Dr Paula Agard (Chrisita Cole) to deal with his "abandonment issues".

Although Cole's character may not necessarily make an appearance in "Denial", she will have a prominent role in the season and enjoy a "cat-and-dog" relationship with Harvey.

Speaking of relationships, Mike and Rachel got engaged by the end of season 4 and in the premiere they will be seen struggling about sharing the news. Granted, there is a lot going on in the office, but is there really an excuse for not sharing the big news with your mentor aka Harvey and your BFF aka Donna?

Here is the official synopsis for season 5 episode 1 "Denial":

In the Season 5 premiere, Harvey's work is impacted by changes around the office while Donna adjusts to working for Louis, who believes she's certain to return to Harvey. In other events, Mike and Rachel must decide how and when to share their big news and an up-and-coming partner confronts Jessica about Harvey's way of doing business.