Season 5 episode 8 of "Suits", titled "Mea Culpa" will be aired on USA Network on Wednesday, 12 August, and it will see Harvey Specter facing the repercussions of crossing Louis Litt yet again. The downfall of Harvey is expected to happen over the course of the coming episodes, and if the history of the show is anything to go by, it's going to be a spectacle to watch.

Episode 7 "Hitting Home" has ended with Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) facing off yet again, and this time it is truly personal for Louis because his sister is involved. In season 5, Louis has made more efforts than he ever has to let go off his pettiness and ego, and tried to make it up to the people he has hurt in the past. However, when he comes to know that Harvey broke his promise of not sleeping with his sister, all hell breaks loose.

He taunts Harvey till his breaking point, and the latter ends up punching Louis. In the coming episode, he is suing Harvey with battery charges, and Jessica (Gina Torres) has to look for a way to settle the battle between two of her name partners as subtle as possible, especially now that Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) is looking for a way to pave his way back into Pearson Specter Litt.

Harvey, meanwhile, is at his most vulnerable, because of his panic attacks, therapy sessions and opening up old wounds that involves his mother. So, it is understandable that he lashed out at Louis the way he did, but what does that mean for Donna Paulson (Sarah Rafferty)?

Donna is yet again caught between her old boss and new boss, both of whom did not listen to her, when she imparted good sense. If Harvey had gone to Louis about sleeping with his sister before he found it out, Louis probably wouldn't have got so angry, and if Louis had cooled off before storming into Harvey's office, things wouldn't have become so bad.

In the promo for "Mea Culpa" Donna is seen telling Louis that she is done working for him. Watch out for season 5 episode 8 of "Suits" at 9pm (EST) on Wednesday, 12 August. You can also live stream "Mea Culpa" via USA Today Live.