The summer finale of "Suits" season four will once again see Harvey and Mike come to blows over something Mike did, possibly to save Louis get back his job at Pearson Specter.

Many suspect the episode will revolve around Mike confessing to Louis about not going to Harvard, and the former will urge Louis to use this information to get rehired at the law firm.

The previous episode saw Louis resigning from the law firm after confessing to making a dirty deal with Charles Forstman. In his resignation letter, Louis says that Pearson Specter is "the only place I've ever worked" and the "only place I've ever wanted to work." He also acknowledges the fact that he put the firm in jeopardy, and says that he is resigning so as not to put them in any more pain.

But Mike, who owes one to Louis, will try to help him out, fans believe.

Here is what one "Suits" fan believes will happen in the upcoming episode. "Maybe [Mike] told louis about not going to Harvard so Louis can hold it over Jessica and Harveys head. Like he is exposing Harvey and Jessica to the SEC if they don't hire him back and now Jessica and Harvey is pissed on Mike. Would make sense since Louis saved Mikes job. Now Mike returning the favor, " Waxey Gordon wrote.

Meanwhile, the summer finale promo opens with Harvey looking shocked when Jessica says "there are a lot of things that you thought Mike would never do." Later, Mike is seen saying, "things can change in a blink of an eye." While Donna and Rachel look worried, Harvey questions Mike on the motive behind his action.

The clip ends with Harvey confronting Mike, saying, "What did you do?"

The finale will feature more than one recurring character, and the events taking place in the episode will have long-term effects on the characters, "Suits" creator Aaron Korsh said in a Twitter chat.

At the possibility of Logan making an appearance in the finale, Korsh tweeted, "It's #Suits, no one is officially gone forever..."

Here is the official synopsis of the episode: "Harvey and Jessica take measures to protect the firm from an outsider trying to poach their clients, and Louis struggles to get his personal and professional affairs in order."

Episode 10 of Season 4 is titled "This Is Rome," and it will air on Wednesday, 9 p.m. on the USA Network.