When "Suits" returns on Wednesday, fans of the legal drama will be privy to the tension building up between Harvey and Mike as they try to settle into their new roles.

Mike is out of Harvey's shadows and he wants to prove himself. But Harvey is going to have a tough time accepting Mike as his boss, and battle lines will be drawn very early in the episode.

Talking about the duo being at odds with each other, executive producer of the show Aaron Korsh told TVLine that Harvey is not going to let "this kid that thinks he's smarter than him push him around."

Although Donna is aware of the trouble that Harvey's relationship with Mike is running into, she is unable to stop it as both Mike and Harvey are not ready to give up their ego.

In the episode titled "One Two Three Go," Mike will be seen telling Harvey to shape up, or risk getting fired.

"Harvey, when I told you my plans happening whether you like it, or not, I meant it. I'm interviewing law firms tomorrow. You show up with a better attitude or another move, or you just lost a client," says Mike in the episode's trailer.

Meanwhile, the relationship of Mike and Rachel, too, will be under strain as Rachel tries to balance her studies, while working at Pearson Specter.

Mike's pretty secretary Amy is going to be a factor that complicates their relationship.

Rachel is "struggling with the exhaustion of being in law school and working at the firm," said Korsh adding that this results in her "missing key pieces of information at key times." And because she will be working closely with Harvey, their relationship is going to be explored in detail in the coming season.

Fans of the legal drama will also get to see a lot of Jessica, who will be shown enjoying a bit of personal time away from the headaches of the firm.

Korsh also hinted that she might have a new love in her life.

"When we open on the premiere, we reveal that maybe Jessica is enjoying her personal life a little bit," teased Korsh.

"The idea for the premiere is, enough amount of time has gone by that maybe Harvey is back in the swing of things and gotten over Scottie a little bit. Maybe they've won and they put all these battles behind them. Mike's been gone, and all of them, including Jessica, have been enjoying life a little bit… She's maybe got a guy. We're not sure if it's a regular thing or what. Then moving forward, we're going to explore her personal life."

"Suits" season 4 will air on June 11 at USA Network.