"Suicide Squad" and "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" are two of the most-talked about films scheduled for release in 2016. And as we get closer to the dates, speculations seem to be getting wilder.

The latest rumour suggests that the "Batman V Superman" trailer might have just revealed the origin of Jared Leto's Joker. A reddit user, DeathByRequest has taken two different things from both the movies — a shot of The Joker from "Suicide Squad" and a shot of Robin's costume, defaced by The Joker graffiti in the "Batman V Superman" trailer -- and has come up with one interesting theory.

This user's theory assumes that The Joker in "Suicide Squad" is actually Jason Todd, the second Robin. And that the Robin in Zack Snyder's "Batman V Superman" is the one who transforms into The Joker in "Suicide Squad".

The user has marked two wounds with red circles on both the photos, trying to claim that the position of the wounds on Leto's Joker's torso and those on the Robin's costume are the same.

Click Here to view the photo.

Here's the theory explanation given by the user:

"After many conversations, and research, I've found one thing that I have not seen any other theory state. I feel that the Joker in Suicide Squad is Jason Todd, who was the second Robin. My evidence for my claim comes from 2 photos.

The photo of the Joker that was posted on twitter by @davidayermovies

A screenshot from the 'Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice' trailer. Screenshot at 2:02

In my photo, I highlight two diffrent spot on the Joker that looks to be some sort of gunshot, puncture wound, or burn. I also highlight two similar spots on Robin's suit that appear to be a gunshot, puncture, or burn mark.

I am not going to include the rest of the evidence that others have stated for evidence of my claim of the Joker being Jason Todd, because this is something me, and my friends came up with, and noticed ourselves. You can find more support for the claim of Jason Todd being the Joker in Suicide Squad all over the internet."

This indeed is one of the most interesting theories that we have come across recently. And it's definitely worth a thought. If it will actually come true is something we will have to wait and watch. 

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" releases on 23 March, 2016 and "Suicide Squad" releases on 5 August, 2016.